Fabulous Life Adventures is a blog site for anything and everything that relates to your health. The site was created by Alyssa Cometto, a registered dietitian-nutritionist in Buffalo, NY, in an effort to present the many arenas that influence health in our lives.

Alyssa’s primary focus is nutrition for a healthy heart. When we treat our heart well with healthy eating practices and exercise, we reduce our risk for several chronic diseases and therefore live happier, more fulfilling lives. Being in a state of good health puts us in an excellent position to fulfill our personal life’s mission.

Fabulous Life Adventures is the home base for Fabulous Nutrition, a place to invest in your health by gaining nutrition knowledge and applying the best health practices to your daily lifestyle. Alyssa offers a variety of nutrition services including remote counseling sessions (video chats, phone calls, and private messaging) and in-person counseling sessions, cooking lessons, pantry makeovers, grocery store tours, meal planning, and more.

If you are ready to lose weight, need to improve your heart health, wish to boost your cooking skills or want to get your family eating more healthfully, reach out directly to Alyssa here, or visit Fabulous Nutrition to book your first initial consultation for FREE!