Fabulous Nutrition

Healthy living is an ongoing journey. Alyssa will help you navigate your way through the world of food and wellness one step at a time. Schedule time for yourself with her and begin living the healthy life you deserve.

Initial consultations are FREE!

Get Healthie!


Here is a quick glimpse of the health services Alyssa offers. 

Nutrition Coaching
Talking with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is a reliable method for getting your healthy lifestyle on track. Talk sessions are performed virtually, either by phone or video chat, making it super easy and convenient for you to attend an appointment from anywhere!
Face-to-face appointments may be arranged if preferred.
All packages include an initial, free consultation.


Three 50-minute sessions

8-week Program
Eight 50-minute sessions
Two 20-minute Check-ins

$180 per month
One 50-minute session per week
Unlimited 20-minute check-ins by request

Want to book just a single appointment at a time? No problem!

Full 50-minute talk sessions and 20-minute quick check-ins are available.


Pantry Makeovers
Accessibility to unhealthy foods leads us directly to our unhealthy choices! Let’s be sure you have the best foods available at your fingertips. This interactive experience is a 3-4 hour session where we will review all the places your food is stored, plan a week of meals, and finish off strong with a grocery store tour.
This service is available only in the Buffalo, NY-area.

Cooking Lessons
Eating well and cooking go hand in hand. Sure, you know you should be eating veggies, but when it comes to knowing what to do with them, you’re at a loss! Grilled chicken with steamed frozen broccoli again? Not anymore! Variety is the name of the game in Alyssa’s kitchen. She infuses love with everything she makes and wants the same for you. This fun experience kicks off with a free consultation where we will explore what your health dreams include and tailor a meal to meet those needs. This lesson will take place in your home kitchen and finish with delicious food in your mouth!

Turn your cooking lessons into a party!

Invite your friends and family over for an exciting cooking experience delicately infused with nutrition tips! Cooking parties will combine demonstrative and interactive methods, giving you and your friends a chance to relax or participate. Price varies based on menu choices and market value. Contact Alyssa to learn more!