Farmers Market Adventures Part 2

I visited the Elmwood Village Farmers Market on Saturday, May 12. It was okay.

It was nice to get out and wander through the market, say hello to people and their dogs walking by, but for me there was not much that tickled my fancy for the day. That day was mostly prepared products. Not really any fresh produce – except for the guy wearing scary dirty sweatpants selling eggs and Halos from Wegmans! It wouldn’t be illogical to assume perhaps the fruit and vegetables were from the grocery store as well?!? Who let that guy in?

did pass by a tent selling salmon. And salmon is on my menu this week. However, I had somewhere to be at 11 (and later realized I had to be there at 10; so already way behind schedule); I was not in a good position to be purchasing fish.

did pass by a tent selling honey, and I need honey. But they accepted cash only. I thought my daughter and I would take a little walk up to the bank and come back.

Well, we passed by a consignment shop and I couldn’t help myself. – I think the time by now was about 10:15 – We looked around and I found a pair of Hunters rain boots and a couple leggings. After I paid for our things we sauntered out of the shop and continued to head toward the bank. I received a text at 10:30 from my friend: “Are you still coming?” I thought it was just a friendly reminder to be there in a half hour. “Yes ma’am!” I said, “Be there soon!” 

I knew by now we probably wouldn’t make it to the bank, and then my daughter yelled, “Pee! I have to pee!” The closest bathroom was at the coffee shop back across the street from the farmers market, so we booked it!

Rewinding to the beginning: can you believe I bought a decaf coffee for myself and a scone for Aryana from there? Pour-over coffee and baked goods were being sold at the market. Why I did not purchase any from there, I don’t know. Let’s just say the first day was a warm up. And honestly, I think the first day for the Elmwood Village was a warm up for them also.

Here are two takeaways for a productive experience at the Farmers Market:

  1. Bring cash. Technically I knew this already, but thinking I did not have to be anywhere until 11:00 I assumed I would have time to walk up to the ATM.
  2. Bring a cooler and ice. This would be most convenient if there are other stops to make after visiting the market. I could have bought the fish! And now I have nothing.

Farmers Market Adventures Part 1

Hello there and Happy Spring Finally!!!!

Spring came so late for many regions this year. It’s hard to believe it started in March because it hasn’t actually felt nice outside until . . . maybe a couple weeks ago. It is so awesome to finally enjoy some heat and sunshine – I am sweating at this very moment, indulging in a Starbucks decaf coffee on the patio! (My caffeinated coffee abstinence is still current and I am going strong). Also, I’ve never been so happy to be sweating.

I have been feeling so anxious to live life outside: ride a bike, go for a walk,  hike, check out some festivals, go to the beach, garden, grill – sheeit, you name it, I wanna do it all! I have especially been looking forward to the start of farmers markets!

Months ago I posted about my love for CSA’s and I was totally looking forward to a share this year. However, my cousin and I like to split it, and we both really couldn’t decide on one that worked for both of us. We are both very busy ladies, but each with different needs. While the drive out to the farm last year was a long one that required a whole week be planned around one evening, I enjoyed taking my daughter there for the experience. However, my cousin preferred a nearby pickup site. We didn’t exactly come to a decision; our last conversation about the CSA was just left hanging. However, neither one of us pursued the topic any further and I am confident that if it was that important to either one of us, one of us would have followed through.

One day I had an idea that if I am looking for an experience to get fresh, locally grown produce, the farmers market is the place to be! What better way to connect directly with multiple local farmers in one place, support those local farmers, have access to an even greater variety of local foods, and enjoy the wonderful social environment?! My intention is to visit several markets throughout the season, ideally one a week – the place to do a good portion of the food shopping.

My first stop – I hope, if my agenda is not too full – will be this Saturday, May 12 at the Elmwood Village Farmers Market in Buffalo. I want to fill you in on the foods I find, and show you how I prepare them (recipes 🙂 ). Look forward to a weekly post on my Farmers Market Adventures! I am so excited!! Let me know if you are too!