31 Days of Health. Day 27: Be B-Vitamin Smart

Today’s healthy action is about understanding the B-vitamins. B-vitamins are a class of water-soluble vitamins, meaning they must be in the presence of water for your body to absorb them. Altogether, there are eight different B-vitamins. You may recognize the term, “B-complex” which collectively refers to these eight micronutrients:

  1. Thiamin (B1)
  2. Riboflavin (B2)
  3. Niacin (B3)
  4. Pantothenic Acid (B5)
  5. Pyridoxine (B6)
  6. Biotin (B7)
  7. Folate (B9)
  8. Cobalamin; or more commonly known as “vitamin B12”

Without any one of these vitamins in your diet, essential functions and processes within your body would not take place. The B-vitamins are involved greatly in the metabolism of the macronutrients – carbohydrates, protein and fat. Each vitamin certainly has a role of its own. Some additional functions this class of vitamins provide aside from metabolism include antioxidant protection, cardiovascular support, production of red blood cells, prevention of birth defects, blood sugar control, skin health, nervous system support, DNA production, and liver detoxification.

What is unique about water-soluble vitamins, is that whatever the body does not need, it will excrete out through the urine or feces (with the exception of B12 which can be stored in your liver). Have you ever noticed that when taking a B-complex supplement your urine is bright yellow?? There’s all your riboflavin! This does, however, demonstrate the importance of getting enough each day…

I think the simplest message to take away in regards to getting enough B-vitamins is to eat a varietal diet. These vitamins are widely distributed in most foods. Some are found predominantly in plants, whereas others are found more in animal foods. For example, folate is found in great quantities in green leafy vegetables, whereas vitamin B12 is not present in most plant foods (only fungi and fermented vegetables as the exceptions), but is high in animal foods including fish, poultry, beef, yogurt and cow’s milk.

So, while the headline reads “Be B-vitamin Smart,” what I truly suggest is to include an assortment of foods in your daily eating patterns. Refer back to Day 17 – Get Adventurous! If you are used to eating the same things every day, be courageous and try something new. I even recommend re-visiting Day 12 – Meditate. I feel that I run into many people who are concerned they are not getting enough nutrition, and so they supplement with pills. Supplementation has its place, but I definitely recommend that if you are concerned you’re not getting enough, first give yourself a few deep breaths and reconnect with your body. Sometimes that little reminder that you are alive and well is all you need. Then, talk it over with a dietitian-nutritionist, or other healthcare professional you trust (I’m trying not to be biased).

Send me a message if you’ve got any questions. It’s my mission to help you feel less-confused and confidently healthy!

Have the most fabulous Sunday ever!!!


31 Days of Health. Day 17: Get Adventurous

You know what I believe is a key component in achieving fabulous health? Having an adventurous spirit! It appears that most people associate adventure with extreme activity like frequent traveling, rock climbing and bungee jumping. While those definitely make the cut, being adventurous is simply trying something new; something outside of your comfort zone. And it totally applies to food, too.

You don’t have to be a trendy “foodie” to consider yourself an adventurous eater. If you’ve never even heard of, or seen an heirloom tomato before, you have an opportunity lying before you! If you are not open to trying new things, you will stay exactly where you are. If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. How can you expect to achieve a different (healthier) lifestyle by doing the same things day after day?

Your task for today is to try something you haven’t had – or done­ – before. Is there a food that’s been buzzing in your ear lately? What little messages have you been getting, making you feel like you should do something a little differently? Fear of the unknown keeps us stuck exactly where we are. Think of the last time you did do something that was new for you, and what your experience was like following. Or, think only about what the positive outcomes will be as a result of trying something new.  Feel that satisfaction and excitement of busting down that wall and discovering what’s available to you on the other side! Then it’s on to the next one!

Let’s get it!

Well This Just Happened…Part 2

Has 2018 flown by, or what!? Time flies when you’re busy AF!

I just took a look back to date check my original post about spontaneously scraping the cracked plaster from my stairway walls and repairing the ugly and poorly plastered ceiling and walls in my closet; and I see that that was all the way back in March!! These projects have actually been done for months, but taking some halfway decent pictures took me up until now. Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is teaching me plenty about priorities. It is clear to me now this wasn’t anywhere near the top…

But I am excited and proud to display the before and afters – FINALLY!

Although it may be against code, I took down the horrendous black metal handrails screwed onto giant wood slabs attached to the lath with giant screws on May 18. One screw in particular was impossible to unscrew with a power drill or a screwdriver. After some contemplation, I decided to drill holes around the problem screw so I could pull the board off the wall. A wrench was the perfect tool for getting that little rascal out safely without causing more damage!

I went on to repair the small-ish holes left from the removal. It wasn’t until June 10 I was finally ready to paint over this dark and suffocating blue. That day, I had come SO close to having at least gotten a single coat over the walls. I was so desperate and optimistic and hopeful I could squeeze just enough paint out of the roller just to make the blue go away, but all the optimism and hope in the world couldn’t have made my dreams come true in that moment. I went back to Lowe’s ASAP for a new bucket of paint, which, by the way, is Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige (Showcase). 

This neutral color was one of several in the Liveable Luxe collection which is equipped with all the perfect colors for my small house. Although not pictured here, I painted the adjacent living room with Emerging Taupe. As the collection claims, the colors go together perfectly – and my home feels so much more open, and breathable! What I also found that I loved about Sherwin-Williams paint is that it was thick and had excellent coverage. I never understood the benefit of paying a little more for paint until now. And no, not getting paid to say this!

Gimme an “Amen!” if you like the Accessible Beige over the suffocating blue!
And some day the floors will get beautified…. And some day I’ll put up a light fixture. 🙂

Now, you’ll have to refer back to the original post about the start of the closet repairs to see the before photos. In retrospect, I guess I regret not taking a boring photo of the repaired ceiling. When I was taking these I thought: these pictures will not do this closet justice. However, I hope with the changed configuration, you can see it was a success! I used the Accessible Beige in here as well. It was actually the cause for running out of paint in the hallway!

So – are you thinking about fixing up some plaster walls? Here is my one word of advice: patience! While I have been done with this project for six months, it did take at least three from start to finish, bearing in mind I have a three-year-old, have started a business on top of a full-time job, handle a great deal of the home care, and jam in some fun whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Yay!! – for finishing projects you’ve never done before! 

Get adventurous, feel fabulous, and make some magic happen! Cheers, 2018!