31 Days of Health. Day 31: Give Yourself a Break!

Ahhhh! It’s the last day of 31 Days of Health!! Amazing. I’ve noticed some consistency with the folks liking these posts – thank you. I hope there have been some positive rewards for you as a result of following the thoughts I have to share. In a day or two I will get into a recap of these 31 days, and what to look forward to from Fabulous Nutrition. For now, let’s devour this last healthy action!!!

Today isn’t necessarily about, “Hey, put your feet up and relax!” Of course if you need a reason to do so, please, put your feet up and relax! Today is more about accepting imperfection. I’ve thrown a lot out there this month to help you move toward a healthy lifestyle from including certain healthy foods in your diet to practicing healthier habits. There are even more things you could do to carry out a healthy lifestyle. And you know what? It’s not all always going to be easy.

Life happens. Some days you’ll be a little short on time, short on patience, short on sleep, or short on all three together! Don’t stress it if you slept in even though you went to bed planning otherwise, or had good intentions to avoid added sugar but couldn’t resist a cupcake, or tried to start your day on a positive note but your children have truly tried your patience today.

What matters most is your persistence over time. Think: progress over perfection. In fact, all the good and bad, right and wrong, ups and downs…that is perfection! We can’t know and appreciate success without knowing and experiencing failure.

Be patient with yourself. Appreciate your successes. Appreciate your failures! Give yourself a break! And when you do fall, intend to get back up.

Happy Day 31! You made it!!!


Well This Just Happened…Part 2

Has 2018 flown by, or what!? Time flies when you’re busy AF!

I just took a look back to date check my original post about spontaneously scraping the cracked plaster from my stairway walls and repairing the ugly and poorly plastered ceiling and walls in my closet; and I see that that was all the way back in March!! These projects have actually been done for months, but taking some halfway decent pictures took me up until now. Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is teaching me plenty about priorities. It is clear to me now this wasn’t anywhere near the top…

But I am excited and proud to display the before and afters – FINALLY!

Although it may be against code, I took down the horrendous black metal handrails screwed onto giant wood slabs attached to the lath with giant screws on May 18. One screw in particular was impossible to unscrew with a power drill or a screwdriver. After some contemplation, I decided to drill holes around the problem screw so I could pull the board off the wall. A wrench was the perfect tool for getting that little rascal out safely without causing more damage!

I went on to repair the small-ish holes left from the removal. It wasn’t until June 10 I was finally ready to paint over this dark and suffocating blue. That day, I had come SO close to having at least gotten a single coat over the walls. I was so desperate and optimistic and hopeful I could squeeze just enough paint out of the roller just to make the blue go away, but all the optimism and hope in the world couldn’t have made my dreams come true in that moment. I went back to Lowe’s ASAP for a new bucket of paint, which, by the way, is Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige (Showcase). 

This neutral color was one of several in the Liveable Luxe collection which is equipped with all the perfect colors for my small house. Although not pictured here, I painted the adjacent living room with Emerging Taupe. As the collection claims, the colors go together perfectly – and my home feels so much more open, and breathable! What I also found that I loved about Sherwin-Williams paint is that it was thick and had excellent coverage. I never understood the benefit of paying a little more for paint until now. And no, not getting paid to say this!

Gimme an “Amen!” if you like the Accessible Beige over the suffocating blue!
And some day the floors will get beautified…. And some day I’ll put up a light fixture. 🙂

Now, you’ll have to refer back to the original post about the start of the closet repairs to see the before photos. In retrospect, I guess I regret not taking a boring photo of the repaired ceiling. When I was taking these I thought: these pictures will not do this closet justice. However, I hope with the changed configuration, you can see it was a success! I used the Accessible Beige in here as well. It was actually the cause for running out of paint in the hallway!

So – are you thinking about fixing up some plaster walls? Here is my one word of advice: patience! While I have been done with this project for six months, it did take at least three from start to finish, bearing in mind I have a three-year-old, have started a business on top of a full-time job, handle a great deal of the home care, and jam in some fun whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Yay!! – for finishing projects you’ve never done before! 

Get adventurous, feel fabulous, and make some magic happen! Cheers, 2018!